Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Eventually, 2016 had ended, silently yet so fast. I dont know. When i tried to look back at thing that so much happened back then, inner me cant decided which point that i want to look. Which side. Positivity or negativity? But that is life. Its give you both. And i decided to look back at them both.So much happened, despite that much thing, i can say that 2016 is not my year. Specifically in my studies and my friendship. This year is hard. My pointer had been down than ever. Currently im in the last semester of my studies (InshaAllah). Earlier in 2016 when im in semester 3, its the most nightmare for me, then i try to stand back in my semester 4 but its too, dont truly back me up. But we people must learn to stand back after all the hardness that Allah had put us through. That i must use all my effort to win this last semester, to make everything memorable. I believe behind all this there's a great thing will eventually come ahead, with a great effort.

I think im gonna started to love my blog back. Yeah you know why i feel this way.