Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A day

It feels like, when you wake up and the nightmare hits you. A day after my last post, i realized that im such a mind reader. Its great to feel that im not that disappointed, because i dont expected too much from anybody.

So i decided to write back here since i realized theres really no one else to talk to. Or just too many but no one really do listen. So i guess non living thing that apparently cant hear me will make me at least release by expressing something. "When you talk, not everyone will really hear. And when you write not everyone do just read"

So in my day, i try (well not so try, it happens naturally) to find beautifulness in everything that i see. People, flower, sky, dark land, drawing, pencil, books, anything everything. I denied the phrase 'ugly' cause someone had told me back then "beauty in the eyes of the beholder" so do i hope someone will look at me and denied that phrase too..